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MegaDrive™ Greenhouse Lighting Technology


For many greenhouse growers, adding supplemental lighting feels like an impossible riddle. First, there’s the question of long-term operational expenses. Supplemental grow lighting accounts for approximately one-third of many greenhouse grower’s energy expenses. The new MegaDrive from California Lightworks eliminates the driver from the fixture to offer significant cost savings over traditional LED fixtures.

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Greenhouse Lighting Technology

Our groundbreaking MegaDrive technology eliminates the need for drivers and electrical power connections over the canopy thus reducing both fixtures and installation costs. Achieve indoor quality grows without high up-front costs.

  • 10-kilowatt central power supply – runs on up to 480 volts
  • Chain up to 30 GH Pro fixtures on a single drive
  • Individual fixtures draw up to 400 watts each 
  • High efficiency up to 3.2 micromole per joule
  • Two-channel variable spectrum control for the best spectrum in all seasons
  • Wireless spectrum and program control
  • Automatic sunlight balancing by zone available
  • Made in California | 5-year warranty
  • U.S.-based customer support and system design


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