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MegaDrive | Mega Yield

Our LED grow lights have been specifically designed for commercial indoor horticulture. With leading 2.3 umol/J efficiency and low heat output, our lights deliver the highest yield at the lowest energy usage. 

With the SolarSystem® family, you can choose the right grow lights capable of lighting any size grow operation. The SolarSystem® family are also programmed with the innovative SolarSystem® controller, with which you can manually or automatically program both spectrum and timing for an entire grow cycle and an unlimited number of lights.

Designed With Your Success in Mind

Megadrive gives you the best of all worlds with lower operating costs, higher yields, and higher quality results. 

GlassHouse Farms [Case Study]

Glasshouse Farms in a state of the art cannabis greenhouse operation on Santa Barbara County, California. Carpinteria, in the heart of Santa Barbara County, has become one largest cannabis production centers in the U.S., if not the world. Glasshouse was one of the first licensed greenhouses in Carpinteria and remains one of the leading producers with over 500,000 square feet of high-end cannabis production.

Island Breeze Greenhouse

Island Breeze in Carpinteria California is a traditional greenhouse being converted into a state-of-the-art cannabis production facility. A key part of this renovation is the addition of supplemental lighting featuring the new MegaDrive LED System from CaliforniaLightworks.

Supplemental Lighting Gives You Higher ROI

Reduce Installation time

Spectrum control

Wireless controls

Reduce heat in grow space

Power drops over the canopy

High efficiency LEDs

Less shadow effect

Fast installation

Integrated Light Sensor

What Our Customers Are Saying




Great lights ...

Awesome product , great service.

Highly Rated Company

I bought the first one then we ordered another a few days later. Both are working great. Really like the controller. Have had NO issues or bugs with it. It has worked fine. Thanks for a great product!

I now have four Solar System 550 and I have very good success in veg and flower stages. The spectrum programming of these lights makes them more versatile than any other lights I've seen, and extremely productive .

Did my research, this company sells some of the best lights in the led light business. Can't wait to use mine.

- BC Born

- Kevin LaPage

- Richard

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